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I cannot pimp this fanfilm enough! The creators did a wonderful job on this, from the sets to the costumes, to the acting (only complaint is Batmans voice grates a little but a teeny nit pick in the big scheme). Just an excellent fanfilm and I hope they decide to continue with more! Watch below and please leave a comment on their youtube page letting them know what you think! :D

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Holy shit, I know I'm spamming the video posts today but good lord after seeing this video I really need to start watching the vampires diaries because, honestly, DAYUM! I normally don't go for slash pairings but holy crap these two are just... *fans self*

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He'll never be an emo!vampire! :(
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Link to original is in the side bar at the youtube page, just click on embed to go to youtube page.
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And the sad thing is, the fucktard that came up with this is probably rich now...
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I've always felt sorry for the people outside the US who could never get to the Supernatural stuff because the CW is basically an evil corporation run by monkeys who don't want to share any of their shinies; but I just want to watch the season 2 trailer for Being Human. *Sniff* AND I CAN'T!!!

ETA: Youtube Prevails! )
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Seriously, if you haven't watched Misfits it's a pretty awesome show, it's very crude and rude, has some nudity and sex in it but honestly no worse than True Blood. It's about these 5 kids on ASBO who are struck by lightning from a freak storm and suddenly start showing weird super powers, invisibility, telepathy, time travel, immortality, and I'm not quite sure what to call Alisha's, psychic projection maybe? Anywho, I found this on youtube while looking for fanvids and it was kinda of funny. It's a snippet from Simons phone.

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I swear Up and Gran Torino are like exactly the same movie! Don't believe me? Watch the mash up and then go watch both movies! Up is like Gran Torino for kids, haha!

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So I, with most probably other various people, missed the AMA's and Adam Lamberts rather risque performance. When I heard about it from keepaofthecheez's journal I have been looking for his performance on youtube forever because I wanted to see if it was as bad as the media was making it out to be. I mean the poor guy had his performance on GMA canceled because of the AMA's. And finally someone on youtube was awesome enough to post the whole thing with-out a 12 step program to go with it. So I thought I would post for other passersby to see.



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