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Well since livejournal went and fucked up their comment page and usericons, I'm thinking I'm moving back here indefinitely. Just wish the communities I'm apart of would move here as well and all would be honkey dorey, but alas.

Though seriously LJ, I need to be able to follow threads! Why would you think that it's a good idea to freaking take away the parent button to a thread? Hell, I could probably of handled that if you had just left the damned subject line alone!

You have any idea how freaking hard it is on a Anon_Fic_Meme it is to warn for pairings and any possible triggers if people cant freaking see them? Or how hard it is to follow a thread if no subject line is visible? Who in their right mind though this was an upgrade?

And don't even get me started on the fact that ALL my user icons HAVE TO LOAD before I can choose one and then they're not even in alphabetical order, they're in upload order? Seriously?

Than add the fact that they're being trolls with the writer's block question today. And just ugh, whole thing just leaves a bad taste in mouth. Especially the part where two of the LJ Staff apparently said we'd get over the changes and deal with on twitter...

...and no preview button.

Okay I'm done now... I think.
lifeingeneral: What the Eff? (STReboot:ETF)

And the sad thing is, the fucktard that came up with this is probably rich now...
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How in the hell is a final grade of 92% a fucking B? A-friggen B!!!

Here's my teacher defunct grading scale, which if she had given to the students, say, I don't know, at the beginning of the semester I might not be as pissed off as I am now.

The grading scale for the HIM program is as follows:
97 – 100 = A
95 – 96 = A-
93 – 94 = B+
90 – 92 = B
88 – 89 = B-
85 – 87 = C+
80 – 84 = C
72 – 79 = D
Less than 72 = F

Seriously how effed up is that grading scale, there is no way anyone, unless you super friggen smart with an eidetic memory you can get an A in this class, it's just ridiculous. Especially when the other classes I'm taking follow the normal 83-86 is a B, 87-89 is a B+, and 90-92 is a A-, and so on and so forth. This teacher is a hard-ass is all I can figure, and despite what my brother says there is a big difference between an A and B to your GPA. 'Specially when you're still applying for scholarships so you wont have a bajillion dollars in student loans to pay back.


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