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Ugh, so close to passing the stupid HAPS exam... but I don't feel bad I knew I was fucked when this morning Desiree told me Jill, who gets all 100's on the tests, btw, got a B on the HAPS... just fyi a B on HAPS is a 68-72%. So I knew I was pretty much screwed... thankfully this wasn't for a grade but sadly means I will have to take my final next week, guess at least I got a head start on the cram studying for it, lol.

SO FRICKING STUPID!!!! 20 more questions right and I would have freaking passed with a B!!!!!!!

NO negatively phrased questions my rosy red bum! Okay so there weren't nay but the wording on that test was ridiculous. *le sigh*
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I got a 10 out of 10 on my speech! I got a fabulous job on the top of my printed version! Woohoo! I was for sure my speech teacher was going to take a couple of points off because I flubbed a couple of times on some of the Italian words and you know the fact that in part of my speech I implied that Leonardo was gay and Il Salaino was his lover... But hot damn I got all 10 points! :D

Also, also! 3 weeks of school left! I'll be a senior in college next year! I will be so effing happy! I keep thinking graduation next spring! I graduate next spring! WOOHOOO!!!!

Crap now I probably jinxed myself or something and all my classes will be full next fall or something...
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To quote Everybody Loves Raymond, "I e-hat you."

Why do you have to reference so many Italian names? My mouth can't function at the speed my brain can, so when I have to say Leonardo di ser Piero di Vinci followed by was apprenticed out to Andrea del Verrocchio, it comes out sounding mentally deficient. (no disrespect intended I assure you.)

Bluggghhhh..... take 18 on this stupid speech...
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How in the hell is a final grade of 92% a fucking B? A-friggen B!!!

Here's my teacher defunct grading scale, which if she had given to the students, say, I don't know, at the beginning of the semester I might not be as pissed off as I am now.

The grading scale for the HIM program is as follows:
97 – 100 = A
95 – 96 = A-
93 – 94 = B+
90 – 92 = B
88 – 89 = B-
85 – 87 = C+
80 – 84 = C
72 – 79 = D
Less than 72 = F

Seriously how effed up is that grading scale, there is no way anyone, unless you super friggen smart with an eidetic memory you can get an A in this class, it's just ridiculous. Especially when the other classes I'm taking follow the normal 83-86 is a B, 87-89 is a B+, and 90-92 is a A-, and so on and so forth. This teacher is a hard-ass is all I can figure, and despite what my brother says there is a big difference between an A and B to your GPA. 'Specially when you're still applying for scholarships so you wont have a bajillion dollars in student loans to pay back.
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I need to study for Sociology, my final is tomorrow, but everytime I think about studying for some reason my brain, who I'm beginning to think truly does despise me, goes "meh." and then I go watch Luke Skywalker have OCD on youtube... I mean I have an A in the class so I could pretty much flunk the final and still pass... I think that's part of the problem... my brain doesn't like doing more than it has too.

Man brain, why so mediocre?


Dec. 3rd, 2009 10:16 pm
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so friggen tired...

Working 5 days a week and going to school 4 is really starting to suck major bawls. I missed one of my classes this week because I over slept. >_< And came home today after Computer Apps class and took a 3 hour nap before work... *le sigh*


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