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Ugh, so close to passing the stupid HAPS exam... but I don't feel bad I knew I was fucked when this morning Desiree told me Jill, who gets all 100's on the tests, btw, got a B on the HAPS... just fyi a B on HAPS is a 68-72%. So I knew I was pretty much screwed... thankfully this wasn't for a grade but sadly means I will have to take my final next week, guess at least I got a head start on the cram studying for it, lol.

SO FRICKING STUPID!!!! 20 more questions right and I would have freaking passed with a B!!!!!!!

NO negatively phrased questions my rosy red bum! Okay so there weren't nay but the wording on that test was ridiculous. *le sigh*
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As much as I love Nasa, hey they got us to the moon way back when and told Pluto he/she/it was no longer a planet, speaking of which - exactly just what the hell is My Very Excellent Mother suppose to have sent me now NASA, huh, answer me that beyotches!?

Ahem, anyways,as much as I love NASA they apparently think the population of Earth is rather stupid and that we all honestly and truly believe that on December 21, 2012 the world will end. Why? Because they went and created a FAQ/PSA section on the Earth portion of their site just to say hey y'all there ain't much gonna happen in December 2012 except a new winter solstice. Yes that's my attempt at writing a texan accent... sorry if I offended anyone. >_<

It makes me wonder how many people probably bugged NASA about this for them to put a page up...

E.T.A - Because I'm so awesome I forgot the link. Sites here.


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