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Ugh, so close to passing the stupid HAPS exam... but I don't feel bad I knew I was fucked when this morning Desiree told me Jill, who gets all 100's on the tests, btw, got a B on the HAPS... just fyi a B on HAPS is a 68-72%. So I knew I was pretty much screwed... thankfully this wasn't for a grade but sadly means I will have to take my final next week, guess at least I got a head start on the cram studying for it, lol.

SO FRICKING STUPID!!!! 20 more questions right and I would have freaking passed with a B!!!!!!!

NO negatively phrased questions my rosy red bum! Okay so there weren't nay but the wording on that test was ridiculous. *le sigh*
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I got a 10 out of 10 on my speech! I got a fabulous job on the top of my printed version! Woohoo! I was for sure my speech teacher was going to take a couple of points off because I flubbed a couple of times on some of the Italian words and you know the fact that in part of my speech I implied that Leonardo was gay and Il Salaino was his lover... But hot damn I got all 10 points! :D

Also, also! 3 weeks of school left! I'll be a senior in college next year! I will be so effing happy! I keep thinking graduation next spring! I graduate next spring! WOOHOOO!!!!

Crap now I probably jinxed myself or something and all my classes will be full next fall or something...
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To quote Everybody Loves Raymond, "I e-hat you."

Why do you have to reference so many Italian names? My mouth can't function at the speed my brain can, so when I have to say Leonardo di ser Piero di Vinci followed by was apprenticed out to Andrea del Verrocchio, it comes out sounding mentally deficient. (no disrespect intended I assure you.)

Bluggghhhh..... take 18 on this stupid speech...
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Happy late New Year!

Now that that's done I have to go get ready for my awesome new old? newish/oldish job! Yeah I quit the hospital just got tired of driving an hour round trip for like 3-3 1/2 hours of work, so not worth it... now I'm back at the Nursing Home... sorry Health Care Campus o.O and hopefully back at my old position wont know for sure until I get there today...
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How in the hell is a final grade of 92% a fucking B? A-friggen B!!!

Here's my teacher defunct grading scale, which if she had given to the students, say, I don't know, at the beginning of the semester I might not be as pissed off as I am now.

The grading scale for the HIM program is as follows:
97 – 100 = A
95 – 96 = A-
93 – 94 = B+
90 – 92 = B
88 – 89 = B-
85 – 87 = C+
80 – 84 = C
72 – 79 = D
Less than 72 = F

Seriously how effed up is that grading scale, there is no way anyone, unless you super friggen smart with an eidetic memory you can get an A in this class, it's just ridiculous. Especially when the other classes I'm taking follow the normal 83-86 is a B, 87-89 is a B+, and 90-92 is a A-, and so on and so forth. This teacher is a hard-ass is all I can figure, and despite what my brother says there is a big difference between an A and B to your GPA. 'Specially when you're still applying for scholarships so you wont have a bajillion dollars in student loans to pay back.


Dec. 3rd, 2009 10:16 pm
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so friggen tired...

Working 5 days a week and going to school 4 is really starting to suck major bawls. I missed one of my classes this week because I over slept. >_< And came home today after Computer Apps class and took a 3 hour nap before work... *le sigh*


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