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I have this stupid story idea running around in my head about this secret society that protects humans from the baddies of the world by giving people who are dying a second chance at life by recruiting them. I have my main characters and a general idea for a baddie but I cant find any good character bases and it's driving me nuts! Especially when I don't want my main character to be a skinny size zero! X(
Why are there no like normal sized actresses and models out there that are in their twenties and aren't Kardashians?
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So my muse decided to rewrite somethings in this little verse. I still haven't been able to write anything longer than blurbs for this thing and its starting to piss me off, lol. I know what I want to happen-ish just wont come out, ugh...

When most people imagine the end of the world, they think of viral outbreaks, zombies, the four horsemen cometh, the apocalypse. When in reality it's nothing so glamorous. )
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So I was going through my jump drive today and I came across this unfinished whatever it was and I really want to finish but I cant find my story notes or characters bases or anything for it on my jdrive... what's sad is I know I wrote it but I wanna know what the hell happens! Stupid brain why didn't we finish this!?

'I've created a safe haven for all of those like us.'  )
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Her pale fingers swept a wisp of sun-kissed blond hair back behind her ear. The wind was howling about her causing the girl to sigh in defeat as the dreaded piece of hair escaped from it prison and once again fell across her eyes.

Shaking the hood of her jacket down, the blond stared up at the full moon before letting her head lazily fall forward, towards the altar. "They think they can stop me? Just because they've found some of the chosen? Their army is few mine is many and growing. The path is open, my will is done, they can't stop this, their time is finished. I've been silent and patient for millennia, no longer, this planet is mine." Leaning back on her heels she watched in psychotic glee as the clouds covered the moon and thunder roared in the distance.

She was still weak she knew that, her control over the demons and monsters she had unleashed was minimal. The strength it took to open the pathway had drained her but she would be ready in the coming months. And when the time came the chosen would stand next to her or tremble before her.

No idea where this came from and totally have no idea what to do with it either... I blame watching re-runs of Buffy, haha. Ugh, always when I'm laying in bed to ready to go to sleep too... stupid muse let me sleep in peace, bug me in the morning or something...

P.S - Not spell checked or checked for errors so please ignore any and blame it on sleep deprivation. :)
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So apparently my muse thinks the best time to bug the ever living crap outta me is when I want to go to bed. So I quickly wrote this down before I forgot, ummm, please ignore any grammar mistakes it's late, lol.
Read more... )
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The world didn't end with a bang, or a whimper, but in a slow, burning, sickening death that no one saw coming until it was too late. Blood and disease filled once happy, care-free, homes. Fever ravaged the hillsides while fire and panic burned through cities. Billions died. Billions more fought to survive. But in the end everything was destroyed.

The few who managed to escape the chaos wandered aimlessly. They tried to rebuild, tried to bring back a sense of safety, of home, but when there are no rules, no one to play ring leader in a mass circus of unpredictable and uncontrollable human behavior, there is nothing but fear. Fear of what the future will bring.

Urgh, muse I am suppose to be working on NaNo not writing random story blurbs I don't have time to flesh out!!!
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I have been staring at Microsoft Word for like the past half hour and have wrote a total of 40 words for my story... 40 friggen words! I know what I want to happen I can picture in my mind but when I go to write it, it comes out as choppy gibberish that makes my dictionary cry...

In the words of a great prophet: "Writing is HARD!"

10000 / 50000 words. 20% done!
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So this is what I've come up with so far, not alot, just basically a summary of how the story begins. It doesn't sound bad no idea where I'm going to go with it but guess I'll see what my muse comes up with.

Story )
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So Emily asked me yesterday what I was writing for Nano this year and I honestly had to stop and stare at her because how did I forget about it this year!? Crab-apples! And this was my year dag-nab-it! I was going to get to 50k and then sleep for 20 hours straight!

Maybe since the month is half over I'll do a mini-nano? 25k in 15 days?

Okay that sounds even more impossible than 50000 in a month...

How is it even when I'm not participating in it, the friggen thing still drives me nutso?

Nanowrimo you confuzzle my brain so much it's amazing. XD


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