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Her pale fingers swept a wisp of sun-kissed blond hair back behind her ear. The wind was howling about her causing the girl to sigh in defeat as the dreaded piece of hair escaped from it prison and once again fell across her eyes.

Shaking the hood of her jacket down, the blond stared up at the full moon before letting her head lazily fall forward, towards the altar. "They think they can stop me? Just because they've found some of the chosen? Their army is few mine is many and growing. The path is open, my will is done, they can't stop this, their time is finished. I've been silent and patient for millennia, no longer, this planet is mine." Leaning back on her heels she watched in psychotic glee as the clouds covered the moon and thunder roared in the distance.

She was still weak she knew that, her control over the demons and monsters she had unleashed was minimal. The strength it took to open the pathway had drained her but she would be ready in the coming months. And when the time came the chosen would stand next to her or tremble before her.

No idea where this came from and totally have no idea what to do with it either... I blame watching re-runs of Buffy, haha. Ugh, always when I'm laying in bed to ready to go to sleep too... stupid muse let me sleep in peace, bug me in the morning or something...

P.S - Not spell checked or checked for errors so please ignore any and blame it on sleep deprivation. :)


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