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I need to study for Sociology, my final is tomorrow, but everytime I think about studying for some reason my brain, who I'm beginning to think truly does despise me, goes "meh." and then I go watch Luke Skywalker have OCD on youtube... I mean I have an A in the class so I could pretty much flunk the final and still pass... I think that's part of the problem... my brain doesn't like doing more than it has too.

Man brain, why so mediocre?
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So while having my blood drawn this morning, which yes I begged for them to use the butterfly needle -I'm a wussy, deal with it- , the nurse asked me if I was ready for Christmas. I just kind of stared at her like wtf? Not because of the question but because she was the third, THIRD, person to ask me that this morning. And I went to get my blood drawn at 9:30. I get the feeling that "Are you ready for Christmas?" Is the new "How's the weather?". Speaking of which why doesn't anyone ever ask "Ready for Thanksgiving?".

It's like it goes straight from "What are you wearing for Halloween?" to "Ready for Christmas?"

I've decided there is no Thanksgiving anymore. It goes Halloween, Christmas.

And my ranting has nothing to do with the fact that I feel everyone keeps asking because I haven't even started shopping for Christmas present yet. Or the fact I haven't been able to have my morning caffeine.
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Everyone at school that I talk to always asks me, not for my cellphone number, but if I have a Facebook.


You know a year or two ago everyone was asking me if I had a Myspace account so I made one and now I don't even go to the stupid thing because I just got bored with it. It's like Twitter yes it's popular now but in a couple of years, or heck maybe even less than that, something new and shiny will come along and replace it.

But all my friends and co-workers are on it so I might breakdown and make an account... damn you peer pressure.
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Well found my mood theme, need to see if Dream Width can even do personal mood themes I think they can, haven't read through everything yet but sadly have to go to work so to my many invisible journal readers see y'all later!
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Is this thing on?


I now have a Dream Width Account, Booyah!

E.T.A - I have to upload a mood theme... -_-;



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