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So my muse decided to rewrite somethings in this little verse. I still haven't been able to write anything longer than blurbs for this thing and its starting to piss me off, lol. I know what I want to happen-ish just wont come out, ugh...

When most people imagine the end of the world, they think of viral outbreaks, zombies, the four horsemen cometh, the apocalypse. When in reality it's nothing so glamorous. )
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So apparently my muse thinks the best time to bug the ever living crap outta me is when I want to go to bed. So I quickly wrote this down before I forgot, ummm, please ignore any grammar mistakes it's late, lol.
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The world didn't end with a bang, or a whimper, but in a slow, burning, sickening death that no one saw coming until it was too late. Blood and disease filled once happy, care-free, homes. Fever ravaged the hillsides while fire and panic burned through cities. Billions died. Billions more fought to survive. But in the end everything was destroyed.

The few who managed to escape the chaos wandered aimlessly. They tried to rebuild, tried to bring back a sense of safety, of home, but when there are no rules, no one to play ring leader in a mass circus of unpredictable and uncontrollable human behavior, there is nothing but fear. Fear of what the future will bring.

Urgh, muse I am suppose to be working on NaNo not writing random story blurbs I don't have time to flesh out!!!


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