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Title: Psychogenesis (Interlude 2)
Rating: PG-13 (for Robins crazy butt)
Pairings/Characters: All of Young Justice, Batman, Leslie Thompkins. Eventual SB/Robin.
Warnings: Violence, River!Robin, Experimentation on Kids…
Summary: Robin is experimented on and is now messed up in the brainpan. Full prompt can be found here!

A/N: Another short Interlude that actually progresses the plot! Yay! Plot advancement! I still can't believe it's taken me so long to write this story but I can't seem to just sit down and write in one go, this story comes in spurts, and never linear...

A man in a simple white lab coat and wearing a pair of military issued glasses stared confused at the bald man before him. "I don't understand why our benefactors would send someone so high up for just an inspection..."

"Well, Doctor, considering the proceedings of Project Pax and its uncouth ending, my associates and I, well, we've decided it best to be more hands on in our little experiments." A pause. "Speaking of, how is the cleanup coming along?"

"We are in the process of eradicating all key factors, but... Sir, forgive me. Project Serenity is still in its infancy and while we've had immense progress there is still much to be done before our subject is ready for trial testing."

"Well then, show me what you've accomplished so far. It would be a shame for me to have come all this way and not be able to report any surmountable advancements to our key associates."

The Doctor coughed and nodded before quickly making his way down the hall towards the treatment rooms. "Yes, of course, this way, Sir."

The balding man smiled before following after the Doctor at a more leisurely pace.


"As you can see Test Subject Zero-Two is currently undergoing treatment to help cope after the last bit of surgery."

The balding man inclined his head looking at the glazed blue eyes of Subject Zero-Two through the doors glass window. "And how is the child coping, Doctor?"

The Doctor adjusted his glasses and glanced down at the chart in his hands. "According to his chart, he is healing well from his last bout of surgery. Dr. Neilson is currently working with him on honing his precognitive skills and his suggestibility."

"Wonderful, and when will he be ready for field testing?" The bald man smiled as he held the boys gaze, liking the slight feeling of satisfaction that warmed him at the sight of the boys seeming frailty.

"Not for some time I'm afraid. While his mental capabilities and physical prowess are quite exquisite, his ability to maintain focus is still a problem, he likes to drift." The Doctor sighed and lowered the clip board. "He's currently going through a silent phase."

"Hmm, I'd imagine his body is still going through a sort of shock with everything that has been done. Still, his progress is much improved over his predecessor."

The Doctor nodded his head in agreement and watched for a few moments as the bald man simply observed the treatment room and its inhabitants. It didn't take long before the boy inside the room seemed to become agitated. The Doctor stared in awe as the boy began to howl and scream about blood covered rooms and corpses waiting for the blue hands all the while trying to scratch and mar his skin. The two watched from the safety of the hallway as the orderlies inside the room quickly tried to subdue the boy.

"I'd say his silent phase is at end, Doctor." The bald man commented before he continued down the hall leaving the doctor to gape at his back.


"And you believe this boy to have intimate knowledge about the failings of the Paxilon Hydrochlorate?" A computerized female voice questioned.

The Doctor shifted nervously infront of the monitor before him. "I believe so. While we were deleting the hard copies of his record we came across Doctor Mathias' notes from his sessions with Subject Zero-Two. It seems after the visit of your liaison he became quite agitated, he began talking about the coming of peace being marred in the blood of ravagers and the still bodies of death being left behind."

A male growl came from the computers speakers while on the monitor a figure shrouded in light could be seen. "And you allowed the boy to escape your care?!"

"It was unintentional, I assure you. The boy was ready for field testing, his level of suggestibility was acceptable. We were prepared to move him to active status but we were thwarted by The Justice Leagues children."

A male voice, different from the previous one but still mechanical in sound, spoke next, agitated. "And the fact that he killed his handler didn't alert you to the possibility that his escape was most likely an inside job?"

The Doctors eyes widened, "No, that is. I mean-."

The computerized female voice interrupted the Doctor. "I'm afraid we will take over the containment of the situation from this moment on, Doctor. We cannot allow the information the facility has to be leaked to the general public. The knowledge that boy has gained is dangerous and can bring down the very foundation we are striving to build."

The Doctor saw the shadowed figure on the computer monitor and barely had time to turn before a sword was brought down on him. He startled a cry before another graceful swing of the sword silenced him completely. The shadowed man watched as the Doctor fell to the ground blood seeping from the two deep wounds on his body.

The silhouettes on the computer monitor shifted and the computerized female voice questioned the new comer, "I trust you know the details of your contract?"

Half a smirk graced the man's hardened features. "Of course, contain and eliminate."

The figures shrouded in light all nodded. "You have our resources at your disposal, of course." The female voice continued. "But know this, if you should fail, your life will be our restitution."

The man slung the sword over his shoulder and tilted his head. "Well then, guess I better not fail."


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