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Title: Project Legacy
Rating: PG-13
Pairings/Characters: No pairings as of yet. Robin.
Warnings: AU! Somehow I feel like I should warn for that...
Summary: Dick/Robin wakes up in a Cadmus lab unsure of why or what exactly happened. All he knows is that it can't be good and with guards hounding him and a creepy doctor wanting to keep him for his next science project, he's running against the clock to escape.

A/N: This story is taking longer than I thought simply because I have already started on the sequel, which sucks because I still haven't finished this one. But, at least rest easy knowing that means I know how I want this story to end, I just have to get there! This chapter is short, I seem to like the short chapter system I've got going on, idk why. But, I have started on the next chapter and as soon I can get a change I will get it finished!

Jack Ryder sighed, his tired eyes stared at the hand gun nestled in his palms. He couldn't believe he'd gone from high paid talk show host to low paid rent-a-cop in the span of just months. Losing the television gig had cost him everything, his girlfriend, his penthouse, but most of all his reputation. He was the laughing stalk of the journalism community. Apparently telling the truth and not holding back any hostility that might arise was considered unprofessional. He was fired because of his attitude. His attitude of all things!

Jack closed his eyes and took a deep breath through his nose and holstered the gun just as he heard the overhead alarms sound. With a frown of concern, the man clicked on his radio. "Jack Ryder, what's going on?"

"A patient has escaped on Med-Wing L5, they're locking down the unit."

Well that didn't sound good. Jack made his way towards the door with a hmm of interest as he clicked the radio again. "Orders?"

"You are to rendezvous with Larkin and search the floor. Room by Room sweep. Check-in every five minutes. Patient is to be considered dangerous, non-lethal capture is encouraged, but you are to apprehend the patient by any means necessary, understood?"

"Understood." Jack opened the door and made his way out of the room. "Do I get a description of this patient... or am I just supposed to guess here?"

"Male, five feet two inches, dark hair, blue eyes, early teens."

Jack went to respond but stopped when he noticed a small statured person hunched over a set of doubled doors a few feet ahead of him.

Hesitantly, and as calmly as he could, Jack made his way towards the unknown person. He didn't want to spook the poor guy-at least it appeared to be male- especially if it was the patient he was looking for. Once he was a few yards from the man, he stopped and took in the figures appearance; the person had short messy black hair, had on a white t-shirt and blue scrub pants, no shoes, and the poor guy looked like a good gust of wind would most likely knock him over.

With a sigh Jack clicked his radio, "Jack Ryder reporting in. I believe I've found-Whoa!" He barely had time to lean back to avoid being smacked in the head with a mop handle. "Kid! Are you crazy?!"

Jack back peddled to put a good distance between him and his attacker while his hand went instinctively to his guns holster.

The boy looked up at him, mop poised threateningly at his forehead, and sniffled. Jack had to keep from snorting at the image the kid made. But, there was something about the kid that threw him off. Something familiar about this little pipsqueak infront of him that made his stomach churn with unease. He knew this kid, he would swear it but he couldn't put a name to the face that was currently staring him down.

"Don't suppose I could tell you to just let me go, huh?"

Jack perked an eyebrow at that. "Let you go? Kid, you're in a medical facility, no one's going to hurt you."

The kid sighed at him as if he was the one acting like an idiot. "So you're the hired grunt, no use asking you then, am I right?"

"Ask me what?" Jack was confused, it felt like he was missing half the conversation here.


Jack moved to answer the radio but a smack to his hand from the mop stopped him.

"Ah-ah, no informing the peanut gallery where we are."

"Listen, I don't know what's going on but you don't look so good. The doctors are worried about you, kid. They have everyone out looking for you."

The kids eyes hardened at that. "Doctors? You mean creepy mad scientist types that want to do nefarious things to me."

"I think Ryder is down. Last known location was South Medical Wing, 400 Block."

"Look, apparently something is going on here that I'm not privy too, so unless you want the entirety of Cadmus' Security here to join our lovely conversation, I'm going to need to let them know I'm not currently being threatened by a half pint with a mop and that everything is honky dory."

The kid looked at him, really looked at him, the boys blue eyes seemed to bore a hole right through him, to the point Jack swore he could feel heat from the boys gaze. After a few moments the kid must have found want he was looking for in his intense stare down because he nodded and lowered the mop a fraction.

With a sigh, Jack clicked his radio. "Jack Ryder reporting. Everything's fine on my end. Was just a stray employee caught up in all the lock down confusion."


"Taking the employee to safety then will meet up with Larkin at the rendezvous point."

"*sigh* Understood."

The boy offered a small sheepish smile before he let the mop drop to rest by his side. "Thanks."

Jack raised an eyebrow. "Don't thank me yet, pipsqueak. I want to know why I just lied to my boss about the location of an escaped patient."

"Jack Ryder, right?"

Jack blinked. "Yes?"

"How would you like to get your reputation back and completely stick it to your former boss?"

"Sounds too good to be true."

The kid smiled tiredly and stuck his hand out. "You help me get out of here and I'll make sure it happens. Deal?"

Was he seriously considering this? For all he knew the kid before him was a mental patient that had delusions and he should be turning the boy over before he became violent, but... that nagging gut churning feeling that he knew this kid had him reaching out and grasping the boys hand. What the hell, it wasn't like he had anywhere to go but to would like fries with that from here if things went south. "Deal, Kid."

"John. Names, John."

"Well, then, John. Let's see about getting you out of here."


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