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Rating: PG-13
Pairings/Characters: Kid Flash/Dick Grayson. Kid Flash, Artemis, Dick.
Warnings: Schmoooooooop!
Summary: A little look-see into an after mission wrap up.

A/N: Another short fic I wrote for Yyjanonmeme back in the day. This was a gift fic for Ailea for drawing a picture for one of my prompts. Dick and Kid were supposed to kiss but the little troll wouldn't let it happen, poor KF.

"Your such a boob, you know that?" Dick stared up at his hero a small smile gracing his flushed face, as snowflakes glistened off his dark lashes, and the light from the street lamp above casted a halo on the crown of the boys head.

Kid Flash wanted to pout at being called a boob - seriously who calls people a boob- but was distracted by the way the younger boys eyes sparkled in the light. It was hard to think just minutes earlier that his boyfriend best friend, with his boundless energy and witty comebacks, had been about to die at the hands of Two Face. He couldn't get the image of Dick bound hand and foot while the schizophrenic madman stood above the teen gun poised for the kill out of his mind. Instead he did his best to look stern and said. "Don't ever do that again."

Dick scrunched his forehead, "Do what?"

The speedster set his hands on his friends shoulders and squeezed gently. "I don't care what Bats says, some dork face of a bad guy kidnaps you to use for nefarious purposes, you kick his ass."

A laugh chimed through-out the alley. "And take away your chance to be manly and save me? Besides, I knew someone would show up. Honestly, thought it would be Batman though."

Kid Flash sighed. "Well, Daddy Bats called us because, unfortunately for you, Two Face captured Dick Grayson and Bruce Wayne is playing the poor angst ridden parental figure right now."

"Oh, so." Dick grinned up at Wally as he continued. "I guess since I am Dick Grayson, hapless civilian, I should thank you, kind superhero, for saving me from the evil psychotic bad guy?"

Kid Flash raised an eyebrow at the mirth in the younger teens tone. Something about the way Dick had said thank you made his belly tingle and flip flop. "Uhm..."

"Let me show you my gratitude." Dick grabbed the front of the red heads uniform, closed his eyes and raised to his tippy toes all the while puckering his lips.

Kid Flash licked his lips as his breath quickened, was Dick really going too-? They'd never really done anything outside cuddling... This would be their first kiss... He smirked and closed his eyes and leaned down to meet Dick's lips and was rewarded with something cold and wet being shoved down the front of his costume. Shrieking, Kid Flash stumbled back shaking at the fabric of his costume, trying to get the freezing cold snow out, while Dick cackled in the background at his discomfort. When the hell had the little troll had time to grab snow with-out him noticing?

"KF, what are you doing? Stop freaking out, Mr. Wayne is waiting at the Police Station for us."

The red head, who'd finally calmed his racing heart, turned to Artemis who, along with the rest of Young Justice, was walking towards them.

Opening his mouth, Kid Flash squeaked out a short-"But-!"

Artemis rested her arms around Dick shoulders and hugged the smaller teen to her while she glared at Kid Flash. "God, you're such a boob. Come on kid, let's get you home."

Dick wiggled his eyebrows at Kid Flash before letting Artemis lead him away.

As the group walked away Kid Flash crossed his arms and followed behind them, his mind already thinking of the perfect revenge. Something nefarious, something to do with mistletoe and wrapping paper.


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