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Title: Possessive Kryptonian's
Rating: PG-13
Pairings/Characters: Robin, Kid Flash, Superboy
Warnings: Crack! Like super crack and a hint of bad fic.
Summary: Everyone knows Superboy is possessive of his team, not everyone knows this possessive streak extends to the objects around him as well.

A/N: Another minifill from the yjanonmeme, why yes I am bored and going through and posting all my stuff from there. Why? Because my journal is super lonely and I want a copy of them somewhere else just in case. ;)

It started off with small occurrences at first: a growl here when Wally would eat Conners favorite cereal, Fruity Pebbles, and glare there when anyone went near Rolly. It was honestly nothing too troubling. Until that night.

The night one Wallace West turned the TV channel.

It started off just like any other night. The team had just finished dinner-grilled cheese sandwiches that somehow M'gann had managed to burn twice(long story)- and were preparing to go about their own business when Wally realized the season finale of The Flaming C was starting in a few minutes. Distraught about possibly missing his favorite show, and annoyed that he completely forgot it was on tonight, he grabbed his bro-for-life's arm and raced to the living area, ignoring the shouts of protest coming from behind him. Once in said room, Wally deposited Robin on the couch excitedly yammering on about how The Flaming C was not going let The Giant Chin get away with blowing up his trusty side kick Richter and how it was going to be a climatic fight to the death! Robin just scoffed at Wally explaining that Richter was a main character they wouldn't kill a main character off. Wally, the mature person that he was, just blew a raspberry at the small teen and reached for the remote.

Unbeknownst to a certain red headed teenager he was playing a dangerous game as he reached for the remote control. Deep, angry, eyes followed the teens movements from the shadows, watching, stalking his prey for any signs of weakness. Waiting for the opportune moment to strike.

Wally had just grasped the remote, continuing on about what giant calamity the season finally was going to be, when he heard the hiss. He scrunched his forehead in confusion, his finger hovering over the nine button on the remote, as he turned to stare across the room, eyes searching, for what, he wasn't sure. Shrugging the sound off, the boy pressed the nine button down only to be meet with a growl from the shadows. This got the attention of Wally's companion who now was on full alert, the Boy Wonders shaded eyes scanning the expanse of the living area taking note of anything out of place.

Breath shaky and palms sweaty with adrenaline Wally moved his finger to the zero button and was rewarded with a giant roar of anger. The boy barely had time to shout a warning and shove Robin off the couch before 160 pounds of muscle rammed into him and slammed him bodily onto the concrete below. A hand slapped onto Wally's chest holding him place while another ripped the remote from the poor boys out stretched hand.

Wally stared up at Conner with wide eyes. Not sure what exactly had just transpired and utterly speechless as the Boy of Steel stood up and towered over him.

Conner hugged the remote tightly his chest, cradling the piece of plastic as if it were his kin. The Superboy glared at Wally, stomping his foot in warning before he pointed to the small black object and stated, "Mine!"

With that proclamation the Kryptonian pointed the remote at the TV, clicked the last channel button and left, taking the remote with him.

Wally turned to his bro flabbergasted. "Kryptonian's sure are possessive..."

Robin, who had just watched the exchange with a look of amusement let his his mind wander back to a different time and place. "You don't know the half of it."
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