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Title: Earth Logic
Rating: PG-13
Pairings/Characters: No pairings. Miss Martian, Robin, Kid Flash, Aqualab, Artemis.
Warnings: Crack!
Summary: Young Justice is stuck on an island. Kid Flash builds an awesome comm to contact the JL and Artemis is offended.

A/N: Another short fic I wrote for Yyjanonmeme back in the day. I have a couple of more out there I still need to post. Anywho, prompt was to go to TVTROPES and click random trope and write a fic, this little piece of beauty is what became of getting the Bamboo Technology trope. :)

Robin tilted his head in confusion. "How in the..."

Artemis turned to stare at M'gann with wide eyes before turning back to the scene before her speechless.

Aqualad squinted his eyes at his red headed friend with curiosity. "But how does it function properly, it has no batteries?"


Kid Flash glared at Superboy before hugging his super secret project tightly to his chest. "Not even! It's science not some Harry Potter Ass Magic!"

Artemis looked at Robin and mouthed, "Ass Magic?". To which the Boy Wonder just shrugged his shoulders.

"I fear Kid Flash has been out in the sun too long, perhaps we should allow him to rest inside the hut?" M'gann started forward only to be stopped as Kid Flash narrowed his eyes at her.

"I'm fine! Come on guys it'll totally work! Don't you want off this island?"

Aqualad raised his arms trying to calm his fussy teammate. "Of course but you must understand our apprehension in believing a communicator you put together with coconuts, bamboo, and duct tape from Robin's belt will work in any sort of feasible fashion."

Robin coughed and shifted from foot to foot. "I kind of have to agree with our fearless leader on this one KF, as awesome as you are with science-y stuff... this is just... just..."


"I was going to go with impossible, Artemis, but yeah."

"I'll show you impossible-crazy-cakes!" Kid Flash set his homemade communicator down and flipped one of the bamboo switches up and waited with bated breath as static filled the small coconut speakers before crackling to life. "Kid Flash to Mount Justice, Kid Flash to Mount Justice."

Blond haired ruffled as Artemis clenched her hands in disbelief."How in the hell is that thing even working! It's made from inanimate objects!?"

"Kid Flash this Black Canary what happened to you kids, we've been going nuts trying to track you down!"

The red head turned to the blond girl with a giant grin on his face causing her to scream out, "NO! THERE IS NO POSSIBLE LOGICAL FREAKING WAY THAT WORKS! IT'S MADE FROM BAMBOO AND COCONUTS AND HELD TOGETHER WITH DUCT TAPE!"

Robin patted her arm, "You're trying to use Earth Logic with KF, Earth Logic doesn't work on him."

"Nor would it appear Atlantean Logic."

"Or Martian..."

And thanks to Kid Flashes super awesome bamboo-coconut-ala-duct-tape-homemade-communicator the team was rescued within the hour.

The End.
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