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Title: Project Legacy
Rating: PG-13
Pairings/Characters: No pairings as of yet. Robin.
Warnings: AU! Somehow I feel like I should warn for that...
Summary: Dick/Robin wakes up in a Cadmus lab unsure of why or what exactly happened. All he knows is that it can't be good and with guards hounding him and a creepy doctor wanting to keep him for his next science project, he's running against the clock to escape.

A/N: Woot! Finally kind-of-sort-of have a plot for this story! Go me! I will say not a lot happens this chapter because I liked how this one ended. I do have the opening of the next chapter started and I hope that I can keep writing like I have been for this story before my muse decides to leave me high and dry! Again, not beta'd because I don't like to bother someone with a story that isn't finished. All spelling errors and grammatical mistakes are mine. :)

Got to stay awake. Dick thought tiredly. He was leaning heavily on his arms, trying to use his hands to push himself down the ventilation tubing. Whatever drug they had given him apparently had quite the side effects, he was irritable, tired, and sweating like the dickens. Not to mention his nose had decided to start running like it was in the New York Marathon. All-in-all he felt like crap.

The teen managed a few more grumbled frustrations about his situation before coming to a stop beside his intended goal, a darkened vent grate. "Ugh, finally."

Blue eyes squinted, trying to gauge the rooms function from between the slates. From what little he could make out, the room seemed to be empty. With one swift kick against the grate Dick, with as much grace as he could manage, fell from the vent onto the cement floor with a quiet squawk.

Dick pushed himself up onto his elbows and looked back and forth waiting to see if anyone would come to investigate his rather undignified entrance; but after a few moments of silence, he stood and hesitantly made his way towards what he assumed was the front of the room. He was sure he made quite the picture, arms stretched out in front of him groping for anything handled or switch shaped while he shuffled slowly forward like a geriatric. Finally, his hand hit a light switch and flooded the small room with light.

"Huh..." A utility closet. "This could work."

Dick turned and saw various chemicals and grinned. He just landed in the best possible place to help make his escape.


"His oxygen levels increased forty-five minutes before he woke."

Donovan hissed and threw his pencil at the computer screen in frustration. "Why did no one catch this!? Who was logged into medical at the time?"

The lab tech quickly logged on to the personnel registry and brought up a list of the last twenty-four hours. He scrolled to the listing for medical employees and scrunched his face in confusion. "Sir, it... it says you were."

"That's preposterous!" Donovan pinched the bridge of his nose to try and stem the headache he could feel fast approaching. "What of the video feed? Did anything come from that?"

There was a pause as the Head of Security cleared his throat. "The security cameras for the room are missing the moments leading up to and the kids escape."

Chapped lips thinned in annoyance as Donovan took a deep breath through his nose to try and calm down. "Right, yes, of course." The man pulled his glasses off and took a moment to think.

"We know he didn't leave through the lab door." Donovan slipped his glasses back on. "Alright, he couldn't have gone far, not with the barbiturates still in his system." He pointed towards the lab tech and continued, "You will take a group and scour the containment room. I want every crevice thoroughly searched."

The lab tech nodded and made a hasty exit from the room.

"As for you." Donovan turned towards the Head of Security "Get your security detail together, I want this floor locked down no one comes on or off this unit, is that clear?"

"Don't you think that's a bit excessive, sir? It's just one kid."

"One kid who could take down our entire establishment with a roll of duct tape and a stick of gum. There's a reason I wanted him out of commission until we were ready."

The head of security raised his eyebrows in astonishment. "Who the hell is the kid, MacGyver, Jr?"

Donovan huffed at the stupid comment and left the room to start his own search.


Dick turned towards the door as he heard a muffled alarm sound from outside the room. Cadmus had apparently upped their game since he'd run into them last. Their response times were ridiculously fast. The teen turned, grabbed one more bottle from the utility cart before snatching the mop-sans mop head- and made his way from the room.

The halls where empty when he emerged from the utility room. So eerily empty that it reminded him of the horror movie Wally and he had watched about the zombie apocalypse. The movie had been so stupid, it made the hypothesis that zombies could be made from mad cow disease crossing the species barrier. Which had then resulted in a debate of how a zombie apocalypse would actually happen and then quickly devolved into a heated argument over who's idea was better, Wally's or his. Dick paused in his tracks and shook his head. "Come on Grayson, focus."

Apparently he could add easily distracted to the list of ongoing side effects.

Dick hugged the wall as he glanced up and noticed a security camera rotating on the ceiling above. He watched the camera for a few moments to get the rhythm down; and then quickly dashed down the hall before the camera had a chance to swivel back his way.

"I miss my computer." He grumbled as he made his way towards the double doors at the end of the hall. "Would be so easy to hack the stupid camera system..." Sniffling, he rubbed his nose against the shoulder of his shirt. "First order of business when I get back home is to make computer underpants, no one in their right mind would think of computerized underwear."

Finally, he reached the doors and started to grab the handles when he heard talking coming from behind him. Glancing back, he didn't see anyone but he could hear the strangers and footsteps getting louder.

Dick turned back towards the door again and tried to open it, only to realize the stupid thing was locked. "Of course."

The sound of a door opening had Dick whipping around just in time to see a guard step out of a room just a few doors down from him. Of course...


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