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Title: Project Legacy
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: AU! Somehow I feel like I should warn for that...
Summary: Dick/Robin wakes up in a Cadmus lab unsure of why or what exactly happened. All he knows is that it can't be good and with guards hounding him and a creepy doctor wanting to keep him for his next science project, he's running against the clock to escape.

A/N: Vague plot of vague vaguey-ness. Not sure when this will be updated as I am currently hammering out a plot line. This was only going to be a one shot but I do have a second chapter started (and some various scene written) so I figure at some point it will turn into a multi-chapter fic. Not beta'd unless Microsoft Words spell check counts and I'm pretty sure it doesn't. :) Also, please excuse any translation errors in the first part as I used an online translator. xl

"Mama! Tatăl!" (Mama! Papa!)

Mary Grayson looked up from her book and waved to her son, a smile of affection gracing her petite features; her husband huffed a laugh at his charismatic son, taking delight in the boys youthful exuberance.

"Uita-te la mine!" (Watch me!) Dick raced forward before jumping up and doing a salto and landing on his feet arms spread wide, a toothy grin plastered on his face.

Mary clapped, a laugh escaping her as she stated,"Minunat! Va fi gata pentru a zbura în nici un moment, Robin meu mic." (Wonderful! You will be ready to fly in no time, My Little Robin.)

Dick grinned before running forward laughing as his dad reached down and grabbed him around the torso, John swung the young boy up and flipped him around so he was hanging upside down before blowing a raspberry on the small boys exposed stomach.

Dick laughed and reached a hand towards his mother pleading with her in-between giggles to make papa play fair.

As Mary stood her mirthful expression slowly changed into a smile that was all teeth as her long ebony hair began to lose its shine. Her eyes started to sink into her skull and the inky black of her pupils began to overtake her normally bright eyes. Dick let out a shriek as he watched his mothers normally delicate features twist and warp into something terrible while her tanned skin began to shrink and slough off in the breeze.

"MAMA!" Unsure of what was going on Dick glanced upwards a plea for his papa to help his mother dying on his lips as he noticed the same deformities on the ramshackle figure that had once been his father.

Dick screamed as loud as his little lungs would allow as the world around him began to melt; the colors of the bright sunny afternoon mixing into a unhealthy ashen color before bleeding out into a greasy blackness that left him shaken and frightened. The mutated form of his father looked down upon him, the taught figures toothy mouth whispering. "Totul nu este bine pic Robin. Trezi..." (All is not well little Robin. Awaken...)

Blue eyes opened wide in panic, with a scream of terror Dick slammed his hands against the glass in front of him, his mind racing to catch up with reality and trying to leave the nightmarish hell he had just witnessed behind.

A few moments passed before Dick took one last deep calming breath and glanced about and came to the realization that he was in a glass containment of some sort. The unit was small, his arms barely having enough leeway to move uninhibited, and the glass stretched just a few feet higher than him.

It was in his examination of his cell that he realized his eyes were seeing everything clearly and not through the opaque film of his mask. Eyes widening, Dick brought a hand up and felt along his eyes, hissing when he hit a raw patch of skin. Apparently, whoever had kidnapped him hadn't taken the time to properly remove his mask. With a glance down he sighed in frustration. His mysterious kidnappers had also removed his uniform and replaced it with what appeared to be blue scrub pants and a plain white t-shirt.

Dick ran a hand through his hair in aggravation. "Sure, why make it easy to escape, right?"

Seemed like he was going to have to make his escape the old fashioned way. The fourteen year old looked up at the top of the containment unit and grinned as he saw the small vent that most probably fed oxygen into his special little cell. Bracing his hands against the glass on either side of him, he hefted himself up, and slowly climbed up the glass only slipping once when his feet began to sweat.

When he reached the top, Dick leaned back against the glass and hesitantly reached out for the vent, adjusting his feet accordingly when they began to slide. He quickly ripped the vent panel off and looked up into the small shaft. He could see some sort of red sensor blinking a few inches inside. Probably an analyzer that made sure that atmosphere of the unit stayed normal. Wouldn't be good business if your prisoners died of asphyxiation, he supposed. Dick stared at the vent cover for a second weighing his options- which were basically nothing- before slamming the metal object up against the top of the pod; repeatedly.

It wasn't long before smoke began to curl out of the unit's vent and a mechanical voice announced - operational failure, emergency procedures initiated.

The top of the glass cylinder hissed as the smoking lid slowly unlocked and removed itself from the top of the containment unit.

"Ten for effort but zero for ease of old school hack-ability." Dick murmured as he continued to shimmy his way up and out of the tube.

He landed hard on his feet and barely had time to turn before he heard shouts from behind him. "Oookay, eleven points for reaction time though." Dick commented, looking about for an exit. He cursed when he couldn't find a door. Blue eyes examined the layout, taking note of the catwalks that ran crisscross above the containment pods that made up the creepy room, and realized if he could jump from the pod to the catwalk, he could most likely make it to his good ol' friend mister air vent.

Not even hesitating Dick backed up a couple of steps from his cell, bounced on the balls of his feet a few times to find his balance, and then took off in a sprint. He jumped up onto the side of the glass cell and pushed off as hard as he could towards the catwalk. He grunted when his chest slammed into the edge of the catwalk, pain shooting down to the tips of his toes. "So not whelming..."

The voices could be heard just outside the room, somewhere to his left Dick thought as he climbed up and over the safety railing. "Now for the fun part."

Knowing he didn't have much time till his awesome kidnappers came barging in; Dick scoured the duct system looking for a vent he could hide in. As he ran alongside the duct work, Dick shouted inwardly with glee at the sight of the vent opening. He quickly climbed up onto the safety railing, popped the grate off, and pulled himself into the vent system just as the voices entered the room.


Donovan was not a happy little scientist and his stabbing of the security keys to enter his lab reflected his foul mood. Westfield had been harassing him all day to deliver his report on Project Legacy and repeatedly he had told the man the project would take time, especially after the catastrophe that was Project KR, and he would deliver an update when there was something significant to report on. Walking into his lab Donovan barely had time to set his coffee down before alarms began to sound and the mechanical voice of F.A.S.S announced a mechanical failure in containment room four.

Donovan cursed before running out of the lab and down the hall shouting for any available guards to follow him. He would not lose another project, he refused too. Especially one so valuable to Cadmus.

Sliding his key-card through the security pad and pressing in his verification code, Donovan barged his way into the dimly lit room. It didn't take him long before his eyes caught site of the smoking empty pod. The forty year old co-founder of Cadmus, gritted his teeth as he literally felt his blood pressure rising, he could not afford another set back! It had taken him months to get the sequencing just right, to get everything just the way he had wanted. Turning towards the guards he let his rage out on the closest man to him. "How did this happen!? He was supposed to be kept under sedation for the duration of his stay!"

The security guard straightened and glared at the haggard scientist. "No one has been in or out of the room except cleared personnel. So, if something has gone wrong it's not from our end... sir."

"You must have missed something then! FIND HIM, NOW! I want a full report on who has been in this room for the last 24 hours as well as the video feed, if he gets out we're all screwed six ways till Sunday!"

"Yes, sir!"

Donovan watched the security detail quickly leave the room before turning back towards the emptied containment pod, his eyes narrowing at the smoking unit. Someone had played him once again. The same as his previous project. He had a traitor on the inside somewhere and once his wee little bird had been returned he would have to snuff out the annoying little gnat. Taking a deep breath to calm his rage, Donovan swept from the room and made his way towards his other projects making sure they were still safely asleep.


Dick watched through the slats in the grating as Doctor Creepy McCreeperson and his guard detail left the room below. Now that the adrenaline of escaping his cell was starting ebb, Dick realized he was exhausted. The fourteen year old leaned back and allowed himself a moment to breath trying to recall what exactly had happened before he woke up in where ever he currently was. He remembered being with Superboy in Metropolis, checking on some internal theft at Star Labs but that was it. There was a big wall of blank after that.

Rubbing his hands over his eyes, Dick took a deep breath and glanced to his left. "Well, might as well see where the rabbit hole leads."


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