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Title: Psychogenesis (02/??)
Rating: PG-13 (for Robins crazy butt)
Pairings/Characters: All of Young Justice, Batman, Leslie Thompkins. Eventual SB/Robin.
Warnings: Violence, River!Robin, Experimentation on Kids…
Summary: Robin is experimented on and is now messed up in the brainpan. Full prompt can be found here!

A/N: This is a rewrite of the second chapter. Some bits stayed the same but I expanded on others because I had major writers block after writing the first part of this story but I finally finally found a happy median with this part! :) Updates will no longer be posted on my LJ fic journal. :)

"So did you hear what happened? Some psychopath took the poor kid's brain apart."

Robin could feel the air change and warm around him, whoever was talking above him was now leaning over him. Robin cringed, he could feel hands grabbing his arm. Hands reaching and doing. Hands everywhere, wanting answers from him, wanting to know what he saw, what he felt. Clinical and cold, not the warm hands of Bruce. Bruce had told him to hold down the fort. Told him to do so until he returned, these people were not welcome, they were not friends, they were unknown, unfamiliar.

Crying out, the boy opened his eyes and slammed both hands upwards smashing into the nurses adams apple.

Shocked, the nurse dropped the new I.V lead he had been about to attach to Robins port and gripped his throat as he gasped and gagged for breath.

Robin rolled off the hospital bed and into a low crouch his bright eyes staring at the two men in blue scrubs before him; defensive and ready.


"They operated on his brain? Why?" Conner questioned staring towards Bruce.

The elder hero sighed and ran a shaky hand through his unkempt hair."We're not sure but Dick appears to be healthy if, somewhat, emotionally compromised."

Wally looked up towards Bruce and hesitantly, unsure of what the answer would be, asked the one thing that was at the fore front of everyones mind. "Can we see him?"

The question hung in the air, permeated around the room allowing the group to grow more concerned as the minutes ticked by that they would be denied a chance to see with their own eyes that their teammate and friend was safe and well.

In the end, it was Alfred who finally broke the uncomfortable silence. "Master Bruce, Master Richard is their friend and they deserve to see that he is truly safe with their own eyes."

Bruce sighed, he knew it was selfish of him to want to keep Dick all to himself, tucked away in a private room at the hospital where no one would be able to cause the boy harm. He knew that his son needed as many familiar and supportive faces as he could get right now to make him feel safe, make him feel at home, but...

The thirty-year old finally nodded his consent but looked sternly at each teenager as he said. "Alright, you can see him, but let me be perfectly clear, the first sign he's in distress you leave, unde-"

"Code 100 to ICU, Code 100 to ICU, Code 100 to ICU."

Bruce looked from the group out towards the hallway as security guards and nursing staff made their way towards the Intensive Care Unit. His stomach suddenly dropped, in the back of his mind he knew they were headed towards Dick's room, he just knew. Turning back towards the teens he had been addressing, he pointed at them. "Stay." With that he was out of the room and down the hall in an instant.

Wally looked towards Artemis and grinned. "Yeah, like that's going to happen."

Without a second thought the group of five took off after their mentor in haste.


When Bruce stopped infront of Dick's room he was surprised to see the boy backed into a corner with a coat hanger in one hand and a toilet brush in the other growling at anyone who came near him.

"Dick?" He questioned as gently as he could, slowly walking forward ignoring the hushed whispers that said he should stay back, that the boy was unstable, not in his right mind. Crazy.

Upon hearing his given name from a familiar voice, Robin turned to Bruce in surprise. It had been a long time since someone had referred to him as such. Slowly he began to lower his deadly weapons, hesitant to completely relinquish them, but willing to point them towards the ground.

Blue eyes seemed to implore Bruce for acceptance. That he had done the right thing."You said to hold down the fort, you said it."

"I did, didn't I?" Bruce suddenly realized that he was going to have to be more careful with what he told the teen.

"Dude!" Wally shouted, his eyes wide as he glanced about the room in awe. The bed had been over turned and stripped bare of sheets, which had in turn been used to tie up the two male nurses that had been caring for his friend. Wally also noticed that the blinds on the window were askew and the small closet in the room was wide open revealing a few dangling clothes hangers and a hospital robe. All in all, the room was trashed.

Bruce growled in annoyance turning to glare at the crowd of teens that had gathered in the door way. "I thought I told you to stay!"

Wally raised his hands in surrender while Kaldur took a step forward to explain. "I am sorry, Mr. Wayne but we had only wished to see for ourselves that our friend was in good health."

Deep blue eyes narrowed in irritation but with a tight nod of acceptance, Bruce turned back towards the cornered boy. "Dick, no one is going to hurt you here, you're safe, do you understand? You're safe."

"He understands." Robin stared up at Bruce, his eyes bright as he shook his head. "But he doesn't comprehend." The toilet brush and hanger fell from the boys hands and clattered to the ground with Robin's knees following suit just seconds later.

Bruce took a deep breath to calm his nerves before he swiftly stepped forward and knelt beside his son. He hesitated only for a second-peering at the gathering crowd from his peripheral- before he hugged Robin tightly against his chest, his right hand coming up to cup the back of the boys head.

Robin sniffed and rubbed his watery eyes and runny nose across the front of the man's wrinkled dress shirt. "I was lost, you never came for so long, and I was lost."

Bruce looked down at the mop of black hair and stated. "I know."

Robin grasped the lapels of Bruce's shirt and held them tightly. "But you found me."

The disheveled man gently rested his cheek against the top of Robins head and whispered, "Always."


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