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Title: Psychogenesis (Interlude)
Rating: PG-13 (for Robins crazy butt)
Pairings/Characters: All of Young Justice, Batman, Leslie Thompkins. Eventual SB/Robin.
Warnings: Violence, River!Robin, Experimentation on Kids…
Summary: Robin is experimented on and is now messed up in the brainpan. Full prompt can be found here!

A/N: Slowly posting this here as I work through and edit current chapters and finish the whole story. Updates will no longer be posted on my LJ fic journal. :)

Test Subject Zero -Two: Robin
-Session 1

"Let. Me. Go!" Robin hollered jerking his arms as hard as he could, trying to break away from the hands that were forcing him down into the confines of a metal chair.

"Get your hands off me, you creeps!" He cried out as leather straps were tightened around his wrists and ankles, restraining him.

"Now, Robin, you must be calm. I would hate to have to sedate you before I've done my initial assessment." A balding man came forward a wooden clipboard in one hand and a hypodermic needle in the other.

The boy wonder swallowed, he stared at the needle and weighed his options before deciding that he stood a better chance of escaping his current predicament if he wasn't heavily sedated. He closed his eyes in frustration and took a deep breath before opening them again. He nodded.

"Good boy. Now, I am going to ask you some questions and all you have to do is answer them for me." The man in the white coat stated while he took a seat across from his subject. "Simple, yes?"

"You're not going to get away with this you know, my friends will come for me." Robin glared at the man while giving his restraints a few tugs, testing them.

"Why Dear Robin. I'm counting on it but hopefully we'll be done with your treatments before then."

"Treatments?" Robin really didn't like the sound of that. His mouth ran dry and he licked his lips nervously while it felt like ice had over run his stomach causing a shiver to run up his spine. He wasn't sure what the creep meant but he could take a guess. Robin silently prayed his friends were en route.

"Why yes Robin, you are the lucky participant for Cadmus' Serenity Project." Uncapping the pen the man grinned. "Now, let us get started, shall we? Something simple to begin with, would you rather go by your given name or your alias?"

"Go whelm yourself." Robin grumbled. He let his head fall back against his chair and stared at the ceiling silently praying that his friends would be crashing through the roof soon. He just had to hold out till they arrived. It was like clockwork one of them would be in trouble and the others would arrive just in the nick of time. Always.

"We'll go with Robin then, if that's alright with you?" The pen glided over the paper as the man quickly wrote down the name of his subject. "And your age?"


"I see. You look awfully good for someone born in the 1930's"

"Awesome plastic surgeon, maybe you should look into one?" He really needed to put a cap on his mouth. Batman was always warning him that running his mouth would get him in trouble one day. But the derfwads that captured him had confiscated his gloves and belt so his sharp tongue was the only defense he had left, he wasn't going to give that up as well.

Setting the pen down, Doctor White Coat sighed. "Perhaps we shall continue this once you've had a chance to assimilate to your new surroundings." He nodded towards one of the men situated behind Robin and slid the hypodermic needle towards the other side of the table. "I have a feeling that given time you and I will be the best of friends little Robin."

"Don't!" Robin shouted as his head was jerked to the side, he watched from his peripheral vision as the needle slid into his neck, hissed as the clear liquid disappeared from the barrel and into his jugular. "Stop!" He felt fire running through his veins before everything went black.

Test Subject Zero-Two : Robin
-Session 12

"No you took me! Batman wouldn't leave me here." Robin proclaimed struggling against the grip on his arms. "He wouldn't! He promised I wouldn't ever have to be alone! He promised, so he couldn't have left me here! You took me away! I know you did, why are you lying!?"

"Robin you are just confused, you know how the treatments cloud your mind." Doctor White Coat placed a calming hand on the boys forehead frowning when he felt unnatural warmth there. "You're running a fever little bird."

"Please, I just want to go home. I don't like it here." Robin whispered his breath coming out in harsh gasps from over exerting himself in his vain attempt to break free from the arms around him.

The balding man in his white coat sighed and brushed the boys soaked bangs back from his sweating forehead. "You can't leave yet you know that, Batman wants you to get stronger, to be better. If you left now you would only disappoint him."

Robin couldn't help it his eyes watered and his chin quivered, "But he promised.".

Test Subject Zero -Two: Robin
-Session 23

"How are you feeling today Robin?"

"I think." Robin cleared his throat his eyes wondering around the room staring at various objects that caught his attention. "I think you made a mistake."

"A mistake?"

At the question the boy turned forward and nodded his head. "Yes, I feel... that is." Robin scrunched his face up, his thoughts kept fleeing from him, running away, leaking from his ears. Thoughts were slippery like that he realized. Afraid he would lose more of them he tilted his head to the side and shoved his index finger into his left ear and sighed in content. That would keep them from escaping.

"Robin? Is something wrong?"

"They keep trying to run away from me. I have to stop them or I won't be able to think anymore, will be just a jumbled mess of words without context and meaning."

"Of course." The white coated man continued with his interview. "You mentioned a mistake?"

"Your project, I... I don't think I'm right for it."


Robin let his hand drop from his ear and nodded. "Yes, I'm supposed to be getting better but I'm not. I'm broken."

"Why do you think you're broken?" The man watched as his little bird looked from him to the camera on the wall. The boy seemed enthralled with the red flashing light on top of the machine.

"Dr. Leina, she thinks I'm broken, that I'm wrong."

"Did she tell you this?" Curious, he seemed to think Dr. Leina kept to herself.

"She didn't have to." Robin smiled at the camera.

Test Subject Zero-Two : Robin
-Session 28

"Robin, is something the matter?"

Robin narrowed his eyes at the wall, a frown etched onto his features. "I see a girl. She's crying."

"A crying child? There's no other children here."

The boy rolled his eyes at the doctor in annoyance. "She was here, not here any more. She's silent now, can't cry anymore."

Doctor White Coat's pen danced across his paper writing as he quietly asked, "Why can't she cry anymore?"

"Too noisy, doctors didn't like it. Made the others restless. Took her to a special room, room where the eyes watch you, where you are torn apart, dissected. She screamed and squalled, cried out for them to stop, didn't understand what was going on." Robin flitted his gaze up to the Doctor, something shone in the little birds eyes before the child stared back at the ground. He hugged his knees to his chest in an attempt at comfort. "You were trying to make her see, make her hear what can't be heard. Something went wrong, you cut too deep, she was dying and they were angry. All that work for nothing."

The doctor just smiled at Robin, "You realize everything you just related to me is true?"

"I want to see Batman now." Robin murmured as he rested his chin on the top of his knees.

"If you write to him, I'll be sure-"

"NO!" Robin shouted and stood up in the seat of the chair glaring at his companion. "I saw and I told! You said once I was... once I was better, I would get to... to see him!" The boy clenched his hands into fists.

The doctor set down his pen and spoke gently to the dark haired boy. "You know that Batman leads a very active night life and can't risk being seen during the day."

Robin seemed to deflate at this, slowly sinking back down in his chair he once again hugged his knees to his chest. "I know." He whispered his eyes watering as he rested his forehead against the tops of his knees. "I know."

"He's very proud of the progress you've made here Robin. But he can't visit until you're ready."

From the safety of his knees Robin murmured, "Never going to be ready."

The doctor just smiled. "You will be. Sooner than you think."

Test Subject Zero-Two : Robin
-Session 47
-Excerpt 1

"You... you said I was here to get... to become better. You said it." Robin murmured rocking back and forth his eyes watching the white coated man.

"And you've made wondrous progress Robin but you still did not answer my question. Why did you punch the orderly?"

"My head hurt." The boys voice cracked as he remembered the horrid thinky-thoughts that had filled him so completely. The orderly was full of demons and innuendo and such a greasy horrid blackness that Robins head had ached so much he thought it would split open. Spill all the secrets contained within all over the floor in an attempt to escape.

"And you feel this was a sufficient reason to knock him unconscious?"

"He wasn't feel'n the Aster." Robin then turned his attention to his bare feet watching in fascination as he wiggled his toes to and fro. "He was full of tumors and pus. Needed to be cut open, cured, relieved of his malignancy, punching was easier."

The man in the white coat sighed rubbing at his red eyes. "Robin I understand that you are feeling-"

"No idea what I feel... you hide behind your board of clips and... and your glasses. You're just a symptom, a pair...parasite feasting on others. Sucking at their knowledge in an attempt to understand what can't be comprehood...hended, comprehended. But there's nothing to see. It's all an open wound that won't heal. It runs rampant, perverts everything it comes in contact with. Taints it. Like spoiled milk."

Unsure of how to reply to the string of incoherent rambling the Doctor just nodded. He had a feeling tonight was going to one long night.

Blue eyes flitted up to the man, a small smile graced Robins face as he stated calmly. "You're doing good work here, aren't you doctor?"

Quite unnerved by the question and unsure how to answer the balding man just continued to take notes.

Test Subject Zero-Two : Robin
-Session 47
-Excerpt 2

"Nobody will give me a mission!" Robin shouted in outrage as he pounding his fist on the metal table before him.

"Robin you still have many more sessions to undergo before you are deemed fit."

"But I'm here for a reason. I am reason... reasonable. You brought me here for... for something" Robin paused for second to catch his thoughts. His memories was tricky these days. They were playing hide and seek with him.

"I can assure you Robin you were brought here with a purpose in mind and you are doing spectacularly. When it is deemed time you will be given your mission."

Suddenly Robin cried out in pain his body falling onto the table in a screech. "It doesn't like this body! It hates it. It wants a purpose a meaning!"

The doctor stood suddenly and made his way around the table calling for the orderlies.

" It won't except it! Get it out! Get it out of me, cut it out! You have to cut it out!" Robin cried out as two orderlies made their way into the room to subdue the little bird.

Test Subject Zero-Two : Robin
-Session 63

"How are you Robin? You have been quiet these last few sessions. Is everything alright?"

Robin stared at the man from his spot on floor. His eyes watched as the pen danced across the paper on the Doctors ever present clip board.

"You seem more relaxed these past few days. I understand Doctor Neilson has taken quite an interest in you."

Robin lazily rolled his head back against the wall his attention coming to rest on the blinking light of the security camera.

"You should be proud of what you have accomplished here Robin. You have been given a great gift, something humans can only dream of. A few more tests and you should-"

The blue eyed child tuned out the doctors useless words and continued to stare at the flashing light of the camera.

Test Subject Zero-Two : Robin
-Session 65


The boys head tilted to the side and stared questioningly at the man before him. "Not White Coat."

"No I'm not." Dr. Neilson placed a hand on Robins shoulder kneeling down so he was eye level with the boy. "But how would you like to go home?"

The little birds eyes brightened instantly at hearing this. "Home?"

"Yes, I think Batman and your friends will be proud of the progress you've made, but first I need you to complete a mission for me, can you do that?"

At Robins eager nod Dr. Neilson just grinned and patted the boys knee. "Good, good. That's very good."


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