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Title: Psychogenesis (01/??)
Rating: PG-13 (for Robins crazy butt)
Pairings/Characters: All of Young Justice, Batman, Leslie Thompkins. Eventual SB/Robin.
Warnings: Violence, River!Robin, Experimentation on Kids…
Summary: Robin is experimented on and is now messed up in the brainpan. Full prompt can be found here!

A/N: Slowly posting this here as I work through and edit current chapters and finish the whole story. Updates will no longer be posted on my LJ fic journal. :)

"It hurts, please, stop." Robin bucked against the leather straps holding him to the chair. There was an IV running into his right arm with an ace bandage wrapped around the entirety of his forearm to hold the needle in place. There were also leads running under the boys shirt attached to various equipment to monitor his vital signs, as well as wires taped to seemingly random points on the boys head.

"Robin you know the pain is only temporary, focus."

"Can't, too many voices, too many people on the merry-go-round. Getting sick, dizzy in the head. Want to get off. Please, let me off!"

Doctor Neilson came forward, towering over the boy, trying to be intimidating. "Robin, if you don't focus you know you will have to go back to see Dr. Leina, you don't want that, do you?"

The raven haired child clenched his eyes closed and shook his head to and fro. "Dr. Leina lost her child, blames her husband, pushed her, always pushing her, telling her she's not good enough, unfit. She splattered his blood on the concrete. Pretty designs in red, showed him who was better."

Dr. Neilson sighed, rubbing his eyes in frustration. The last procedure Dr. Leina performed must have scrambled the boys brains. "Robin, I need you to do me a favor, can you do that for me?" The doctor waited until his patient nodded tersely.

"I need you to open your eyes."

Robin snapped his eyes open to come face to face with the blue eyes of Bruce Wayne. "Bruce? Bruce! They-they talked to me, tried to get me to- tried to make me-!" Robin bit his lip in frustration his words were jumbled, his mouth wasn't cooperating with his brain. They were angry at each-other, he would have to fix that later. The brain and mouth needed to work together, be in harmony with one another.

Bruce smiled softly at his adoptive son, smoothing the boys hair down in attempt at comfort. "I know, chum. I know."

Robin leaned into Bruce's hand his eyes sliding shut. "I slept for so long, I didn't think you would come. Told me you weren't coming, that I wasn't strong enough yet, wasn't ready for my mission. Had to prove my worth. Red was the sign. Red would be my freedom."

"Bruce?" A gentle voice questioned as one Doctor Leslie Thompkins entered the room, a small clip board in her hands. "The results are back... I would rather discuss them in Private."

"I'll be right back Chum, hold down the fort till I get back?"

Robin nodded his head before turning on his side and sniffling softly, the teen opened his eyes and seemed to plead with Bruce. "White was too dull, he looked better in red."

Not knowing what to say to that, Bruce just nodded solemnly and made his way into the hall to talk with Leslie.

"Not good news then I take it?"

Leslie grimaced, her hands clutching tightly at the metal clipboard. "No, definitely not good. In fact I'm surprised Dick is even still alive. Bruce, what they did to him."

The hard set of the woman's eyes caused his stomach to twist. "Leslie..."

"Among other things, from what I can gather, they cut into his brain, multiple times, not quite sure what they expected to accomplish, but they took out his Amygdala Bruce! "

"His Amyg..dala..."

"The part of the brain used to control emotional responses and 'filter' incoming information. Dick feels everything, he doesn't have anything to stop it."

"I know what the Amygdala is." Bruce squeezed his eyes shut trying not to picture the horror Dick must have gone through those months he was missing. If only he had paid more attention, been a little faster, more focused, just have been more anything.

"I know Batman has a no kill policy." Leslie started, her eyes boring into her long time friends. "But if you ever find the bastards that did this to him, you send them my way and I'll be more than glad to reciprocate the hell that they caused."

God he forgot how wonderful Leslie could be sometimes. "You got it, as for treatment?"

The white haired doctor took a deep breath. "There isn't much we can do except find a medical regimen that will help him cope. Neuroscience has come a long way in the last decade so don't lose hope, but it will just take a while to figure out the best way to proceed. I want to consult with Dr. Obaid, he's a neurologist with Gotham Memorial Hospital, but until then I would like to limit Dick's interaction with others, I don't want to over excite him." Taking her glasses off to rub at her tired eyes, Leslie sighed. "Speaking of, you have a very concerned group of teenagers and a butler rampaging in the ICU waiting room."

Bruce gulped, he had completely forgotten about Young Justice. He had swept Robin away as soon as the team had returned to Mount Justice with his protégé, Wally had to have called Alfred and weaseled the location out of him. He knew letting Dick tell Wally their secret identities would come back to bite him in the butt.

"I'll handle them, thank you Leslie."

Bruce took one last look at Dicks hospital room before making his way towards the waiting room.


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