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Title: Psychogenesis (Prolog/??)
Rating: PG-13 (for Robins crazy butt)
Pairings/Characters: All of Young Justice, Batman. Eventual SB/Robin.
Warnings: Violence, River!Robin, Experimentation on Kids…
Summary: Robin is experimented on and is now messed up in the brainpan. Full prompt can be found here!

A/N: Slowly posting this here as I work through and edit current chapters and finish the whole story. Updates will no longer be posted on my LJ fic journal. :)

Psychogenesis - a general term for the origin and development of almost any aspect of the mind

Robin stared up softly at the man in the white coat, his red rimmed eyes tracing the mans every move. The little bird tilted his head when he noticed the man's lips moving, his mouth forming words that made no sound, made no sense. Like The Hatter talking mad to Alice as they consumed their deranged version of tea at the Un-Birthday Party.

"Why is a raven like a writing desk?" Robin questioned voice rough from days of endless silence, his form gently rocking back and forth in his little corner of the room, his only comfort against the world surrounding him.

The white coated man paused in his mish-mashed soundless explanations to give the boy his attention, it had been days since his little experiment had talked. "I don't know, why is a Raven like a writing desk?"

Robin smiled his eyes sparkling from mirth. "It's a secret, shhh." The child raised a pale finger motioning for the white coated man to come closer. Secret secrets are no fun, secret secrets hurt everyone. Robin thought his eyes catching sight of the red capped pen in white coat man's pocket. He watched as the red danced against the white, shining brightly like a light to lead the runaways to safety, to freedom.

When the pen was replaced with the deep brown eyes of the white coated man Robin let out a strained cry at losing his precious light. Angry, the little bird shot out his right hand grabbing the red capped beacon while his left shot up clipping the white coated man in the chin. Robin kicked his feet out first hitting the man in the groin and then, when the man bent to try and relieve the pain, the little bird smashed both feet into white coat man's head causing him to crash to the floor. Grasping the pen tightly Robin leapt up onto the man's chest and brought the pen down with striking force, ignoring the cry of pain and the red that had begun to cover the stark white of the man's coat.

"They produce a few notes, they are very flat." Robin stated while staring at the mess under his hands with sad eyes before glancing up towards the ceiling as a loud alarm could be heard echoing through-out the building. "Time to go home."

Robin pushed himself off the closed-mouthed man, who had been his only companion for the last few months, and made his way to the door of his room where he then stood, waiting, eyes closed as if listening to a conversation only he could hear.


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